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Initial Consultation

This is a detailed assessment interview which provides the basis for therapy. By the end of the consultation the client will know if their presenting issue is suitable for the CBT approach. If suitable you will be shown an initial formulation of the interaction between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

You should also gain an understanding of what therapy will involve, the tasks of therapy and that we will be working collaboratively at the presenting issues. This is also an important time to establish a therapeutic relationship which is key to good therapeutic outcomes.

Therapy Sessions

The therapy sessions are structured with a mutually agreed agenda set at the beginning. These will always include a check in, a ‘review’ of home practice tasks set in the previous session as well as discussion of ongoing issues and achievements.

The length of treatment is usually 12 to 20 session but often around 12.


For details of fees, please ring or e-mail to discuss your needs.